Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pimple Zoo at Dennis Cooper's blog

Galerie Dennis Cooper Presents 'Pimple Zoo', a group show guest-curated by James Mitchum
'Hello, everybody. I'm James Mitchum, an artist and student and a devoted lurker of Dennis Cooper's blog. I asked Dennis if I could curate an exhibition in his virtual art gallery and he was kind enough to agree. I was recently writing a paper for school about the representation of animals (including fowl, rodents, insects, and other creatures) in contemporary art. While I was doing my research I found what I think are some very interesting art works. I thought I might share a selection of my favorites with you. I hope you'll find my little show worth your time. Thank you Dennis and all of you fine d.l.s for giving me so much silent pleasure and knowledge.' -- J.M.

I liked it.

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