Thursday, December 17, 2009

Poem: “Do you think I’m a mean person?”

Do you think I’m a mean person? I’ve put so much effort
Into not being mean. Not that I want to come off like
Being nice requires some special effort on my part;
I think it comes naturally to me. Or not nice exactly,
I’m not really nice; anyway, is nice the opposite of mean,
Or some other, neutered category of forgettable meh-ness?
Meh is one of the words of the year. That speaks volumes
About the year, huh? But what am I asking you for?
After writing poems for thirty years, I still think you can
Answer me?


1 comment:

Robert Tonucci said...

Hello Mr. Welt, my name is Bob Tonucci, I live in Maryland –- I have a friend named Tom Graves who edits the poetry website Scarriet. He is currently doing a “March Madness” poetry competition, and your poem “I Stopped Writing Poetry" is among the 16 finalists! I have attached the link to the site so you can see what the heck I’m talking about.

Bob Tonucci
Odenton, MD