Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why Are Conspiracy Theories So Stupid?

Maybe I'll just go into the business of posting links to stuff I read online, which I thought I'd avoid. But this is an extremely interesting article:


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Paul R said...

Hi BW, as you know I have a soft spot in my heart for conspiracists of all stripes. Yes, the article has many interesting points to make and I'm glad you linked to it. Nevertheless it makes for a pretty funny read at a moment when the US political leadership is literally awash in investigations into high crimes that are, with remarkable consistency and no exaggeration, demonstrable conspiracies. I find it sadly predictable that a conservative philosopher would choose this moment, when his whole political movement is being exposed as having served as cover for an unprincipled and often criminal money grab, to deploy his sophistry to defend authority per se. What else can he say? Trust those in power. Don't put your faith in the crazies and wack jobs who question those in power. Boooooring. And just as predictable as conspiracy theories, incidentally.